Korcula Island!


After seventeen amazing days ended one more summer vacation. I’m bit sad for that, but on the other side I can’t wait to share my experiences about places I visited.
This year I decided to spend my vacation on beautiful Croatian island -Korcula! This was my third visit to the Island and I had a lot of fun each day spent there.

Korcula island with 182 kilometres long coastline is the sixth largest island in the Adriatic. This Dalmatian island got its name from Greece name Korkyra Melaina (lat. Corcyra Nigra) because of the dense pine forest. Along the coastline are places: Vela Luka, Brna, Pupnatska Luka, Lumbarda, Korcula, Racisce and inside of island are Blato, Smokvica, Pupnat, Zrnovo.





We can say that this is an island of orchids with 35 different species. Beside this all over the island you can find aromatic plants as rosemary, immortelle, mint, thyme and more.


Driving through the narrow roads around the island you can see a lot of olive trees, vineyards and gorgeous dry stone walls called ‘Meje’. These stone walls are from  XIX century and had a multitude use. They testify the way that people separated space and plots of land but also hard work of people who built them and same time free the land to plant vineyards and olive trees. You can mostly see ‘ Meje’ on southern part of island.




After this you can conclude what people are most concerned with and that is the production of olive oil and wine.
Traditional island wines are: Plavac (red wine), Posip (white wine from Cara and Smokvica), Grk ( white wine from Lumbarda). These are wines of very good quality and also famous in Europe. This summer we were mostly drinking Posip. It is excellent choice combined with fish plates.


Along  the main road  you can see many wineries. My recommendation is to stop by in some of these wineries and try local wines. I’m sure that you will find something to your taste. 😉



One of the main reasons why I’m keep returning every summer to the island are beautiful beaches and crystal clear water! These beaches are mostly rocky, with very few places on the island with sandy beaches. Fan or not of these types of beaches I’m sure that you will fall in love after first visit. I’m especially impressed with wild rocky beaches and beauty of untouched nature. I hope it will remain so in the future.

In rest of the post I’ll share pics of, for me, the most beautiful island beaches and in the coming posts I’ll talk more about the most visited island places: Vela Luka and Korcula Town.











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Top five summer drinks!


The importance of drinking enough fluids each day is very high. It’s recommended to drink 1.5 to 2.5 liters (or eight glasses) of water a day. But of course this depends on needs and physical activity. Due to insufficient enter of fluids the body can dehydrate over time and this could be dangerous for our health. During summer period this need is much higher. We matte more liquid from the bodies through sweat and this should be compensated. It’s best to drink water and natural drinks and avoid carbonated soft drinks, juices with lot of chemicals and sugar. They are very unhealthy and harmful for our bodies. Luckily, I don’t like those and never had a habit to buy them.  Summer is season of delicious fruits and vegetables as watermelon, strawberry, apricots, cucumber, raspberry… These can be used in many ways. I will write you my favorite five drinks during summer. They are so easy to make- everybody can made them. Beside this, they are healthy, diet, but delicious for drinking. Sounds perfect?

1) First on the list is sassy water! Its made up by nutritionist Cynthia Sass. She claimed that by consuming this water you can lose weight. After only four days you can see results. But it’s also good for digestion. Ingredients are: 1/2 of ginger, 1 cucumber, 1 lemon and ten leaves of mint. Grate ginger, cucumber and lemon cut into rings. Put all this with mint in a glass carafe, pour water, shake and lay down in fridge to cool for at least ten hours. After this your sassy water is ready for consuming. 😉


2) Next recommendation for delicious drink are smoothies! All you need is blender, your favorite combination of fruits and some milk. It’s optional, you can put some yogurt, vanilla or coconut milk, etc. My first choice is low fat Greek yogurt. If you make it more nutritious, this drink also can be a breakfast. One of my favorite smoothies is with 2 frozen bananas, 1 orange, 3 apricots and Greek yogurt. It’s simple but super tasty. 🙂


3) This drink I started to drink because it looked very interesting. 🙂 But I also read the benefits of it and I was thrilled, so I will continue with this good habit. I’m talking about infused water! This drink is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. To mention it’s great for skin, metabolism, gives you more energy than regular water, cleans your body from toxins and much more. There are hundreds of recipes available. On the pic you can see with lemon and blueberries.


4) One of the associations for the summer is definitely watermelon! This is very tasty and refreshing vegetable at the same time. I found one recipe which I really liked. For this drink you need blender, three glasses of frozen watermelon, two glasses of lemonade and ice cubes. After blending these ingredients you will have wonderful non alcoholic cocktail. But adult version is great with some alcohol too. Vodka, cachaça or gin by your choice! 😉


5) Ice tea is also very refreshing and tasty drink for summer period. I love it, but I don’t   buy it in the store. It’s full of additives, sugar, preservative… so I found recipe and decided to make homemade ice tea. I’m pretty satisfied and  planning to make it more often. There are a lot of variations and I will write you one. Put six bags of tea in 1.5 liters of boiling water. After six minutes  remove tea bags and let it cool. During that time you can make homemade syrup of strawberry and sugar ( or you can find in the store some natural syrup with your favorite fruit). After the tea has cooled you can serve this in glass. First put few ice cubes, syrup and than the tea. That is all. It’s ready for drinking! 🙂


Hope you will try some of these drinks if you have not already. Enjoy the summer! 😉

Healthy breakfast!

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I’m always looking for some new recipes for healthy and delicious meals. This time I founded one very tasty, easy to make and super healthy, so I decided to share it with you. It’s Granola! To mention this recipe is from Jamie Oliver’s cookbook. I have got this cookbook as a present and I’m very satisfy with it. It’s very useful with plenty of nice recipes.

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Perfect way to start your day is with healthy meal as granola. Also it will keep you full for a long time. It has a stone fruits and seeds which will give you a lot of energy. Also these ingredients are rich in vitamins and omega-3 facades which are very important in our everyday diet. You can eat it also as a dessert or snack. A great advantage of this granola compared to granola from a store is there is no added sugar or additives in it.
I’ll write you original recipe for this meal. You can be creative and combine your favorite stone fruits, seed and dried fruits. I really like almonds, so I put more of it than is written in original recipe.

Ingredients for granola are:

°  oat flakes 200 g
°  stone fruits 150 g (mix of
almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts,
Brazilian nuts)
°  seeds 150 g (mix of pumpkin and
sunflower seeds, poppy, sesame)
°  desiccated coconut ( 1
°  ground cinnamon (1 tablespoon)
°  olive oil
°  maple syrup or honey (6
°  dried fruits (raisins, apricots,

The first step is to heat the oven to 180°degree. Than take oven proof dish and mix all ingredients except dried fruits, align the mixture in the dish, drizzle with olive oil and maple syrup. Mix all this once again and place in the oven to bake for half an hour. To mention every five minutes remove the dish from the oven, mix ingredients and return to bake. In this way you will prevent the mixture burns. When it’s over add the dried fruits, mix with a wooden spoon and set to cool.   Serve in the dish with milk by your choice ( yogurt, soy milk, vanilla milk, almond milk etc.)
That is it! Enjoy your healthy meal.

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Hope that you like it!
Some advice: granola residues can be kept for several days in a sealed vessel. Also can be practical, for some picnic or trip.

Budapest moments

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This was my second visit to Budapest. First time was few years ago. On my first visit I was trilled with this city, but it was winter and I was very cold several times during the sightseeing. So, I decided that my next visit to this gorgeous city will be in spring. 🙂 Budapest has a lot of beautiful places to visit and this time I visited some places that I missed on my first visit. I will write you about some places which I think are worth to visit if you’re coming here for the first time.

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I was accommodated at the Aquincum hotel. It’s nice five star hotel nestled between Danube river and Buda Hills. I can tell that I was pretty satisfied with this hotel. Rooms are nice, you have everything you need, except sleepers! Restaurant is great, choice of food is really big and everything is tasty. I have to mention that they have big and delicious selection of desserts. But my favourite part of this hotel and what left best impression on me was Aphrodite Spa. They have one regular pool (26 degrees), two thermal (one of 33 degrees and second of 38 degrees) and jacuzzi (38 degrees). Two saunas and rooms for massages. They also have a fitness center, but I didn’t try it, because all free time I wanted to use relaxing in these pools.

When you decide to start with sightseeing I would recommend first to visit Castle Hill. There are a lot of attractions to see there and you could spend all day on this place. I spent few hours and saw most famous places as Buda Castle, Beautiful Mathias Church from 11th century and for me the most gorgeous place on this Hill-Fisherman’s  Bastion. White towers (there are seven), a lot of stars and walking paths make this place like a fair tale. From these towers you can see beautiful panoramic view of Pest. Also, place where you can seat, enjoy for a while and snap great photos with this view is café in one of these towers. Near this location there are few museums which you can visit. For me very interesting was Marzipan Museum. There you can buy a big selection of marzipan in different shapes and flavors. If you like this sweet this is the place where you must stop by.











It was nice weather, so before we went to the city, a little bit more of walking a cobblestone, touring a buildings and at end of sightseeing Castle Hill we went for lunch in one cute restaurant ‘Red Devil’. Generally prices are higher then you can find in restaurants with the same food quality in the city, but you have to consider that location on the fortress is great.



The other part of the day you can use by visiting city center.
St. Stephen Basilica is first stop. This is the biggest church in Budapest. It’s Roman Catholic basilica named in honor of the first king of Hungary, Stephen. A big square in front of this church is always full off tourists. It also place for different events. On my first visit of Budapest I enjoyed here for New Years eve, but I visited this place again and this time took a lot of photos. To mention near this square are many shops, so you can take time for a quick shopping. 😉



Parliament of Budapest is the largest building in Hungary. It’s the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary. Lies on the bank of the Danube. This extraordinary construction was built in Neo-Gothic style 100 years ago. I was thrilled with this building, especially at night when is illuminated. It’ s magnificent sight.


Chain Bridge is near the Parliament. It is one of the bridges connecting two parts of the city, Buda and Pest. It looks so powerful and it’s more than 200 meter long with two statue of lions on the beginning. It’s interesting that these statue lions doesn’t have a tongue and there is a famous story about that mistake – when the architect of this bridge saw this he killed himself! For me this bridge looks even better at night as natural extension of the Caste Hill.



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Next thing you can do is enjoyable cruising on the Danube. This way you can enjoy the view of the Pest’s Danube panorama with dominant Parliament building. It’s not too expensive and it includes a lunch (have to mansion a wide choice of food and drinks) and two hours of cruising. I had a really nice time and I’ll definitely recommend this.

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On my first visit I had a lot of fun on this place so I decide to put it in this post as one of places you should visit when you’re in Budapest. It’ s ‘Tropicarium’, the biggest saltwater aquarium in Central Europe and it’s located within the Campona Shopping Center. There you can see hundreds of animals: exotic birds, monkeys, alligators, a lot of aquariums, sharks and many more. For me the most interesting was walking true rain forest near birds and monkeys and watching sharks true glass observation tunnel.


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Hungary is country with delicious food! Everything what I tried was super delicious. When you’re here you have to stop counting calories and enjoy! 🙂
I would like to mention two restaurants because they left very nice impression on me. The name of the first is raft ‘Spoon’. Beautiful interior of the restaurant and garden with the sight of Chain Bridge make this place enjoyable. And the second one is a small but cute restaurant located in the city center. It has interesting name- Hung(a)ry! I tried here a chicken paprikash. It’s traditional Hungarian dish and was delicious. Also, don’t forget to try their tradition dessert- Somloi Galuska. I tried this desserts on few places and wasn’t thrilled but in this restaurant is great.


Citadella fortress is must see Budapest attraction. It’s located upon the top of the Gellert Hill and it’s the highest point of downtown Budapest, so it offers a spectacular view on the city, both parts Buda and Pest, Buda Hills, bridges over Danube…The symbol of the fortress is statue with palm leaf facing the city (Liberty Statue).The Gellert Hill and its environs are also part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. You can come here by bus, car or foot. This time I was by car, but if you decide to walk maybe it can be a little bit exhausting, but worth it, at the end you will be treat with amazing panoramic view!





Last location in Budapest for this time was-Great Synagogue! It’s the largest synagogue in Europe. It’s also known as Dohany Street synagogue, named after the street. You can buy ticket at the entrance and they costs around 15 euro. With this ticket you can see a lot of it: amazing synagogue from the inside, Jewish Heroes Temple (memory on Jewish victims of the WWII), Raul Wallenberg Memorial Park, located in the backyard of the synagogue. In this park you can see interesting monument in shape of weeping willow. On each leaf is increased the name of deceased Jew during the Holocaust. Jewish museum is in the same building as synagogue. This is also worth to see, you can learn a lot about Jewish history, tradition and religion.









I enjoyed touring these locations, but I want to visit some more that I left for my next visit as: Margaret Island, which I think is perfect place for summer period, Budapest zoo and Central Market Hall.
I hope that you like this post and that will be useful if you’re planning to visit Budapest. If you already went there I would be glad to hear your experiences and some nice advice for places that I’m planning to visit next time. 😉

Latin-American dances: 5 Great reasons to attend a dance course!

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Since I was little, so far, my interest in dance has never stopped. Watching the movie “Dance with me” I fell in love with Latino-American dances and since then dreamed that I’ll dance like a professional dancer. Unfortunately didn’t have a chance because in my hometown,  was no dance school! Now I live in a bigger city and got that chance, but I’m aware that I’ll never be a professional dancer who goes to competitions. I’m a bit old for starting this career. 🙂 Surely, that didn’t stop me to go dancing school for my own pleasure and because of the benefits that come with it.

Types of dance

There are two categories, Latino and standard dances. First of all, I’ll introduce you to the types of Latin dances. They origin from several different countries in south and central America. The ones that are most often learned and performed are cha cha cha, rumba, samba, bachata, jive, pasa double, and salsa. Some dances are easier to learn than others but all Latin dances are fun, with a lot of quick movements, passion and the whole body is in motion. There is also a lot of freedom in movement and in some of them, you don’t have to be in a closed position with a partner. On the other side are second-standard dances. The opposite to Latin dance their characteristics are closed position with partner, more formal, different in technique and rhythm. The five standard dances are the waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, slow foxtrot, and quickstep. I would describe them as more conservative, elegant and sophisticated dances.
Usually, all dance schools offer a different course such as salsa course, a course of tango and similar where you learn to dance only one dance. It’s good if you’re especially interested in one dance. My recommendation is to pick a course of all dances where you learn all Latin and standard dances. On that way, you can try a lot of different styles and easily find yourself.
This type of recreation has many benefits and I’ll write some of them that motivate me to regularly attend every class.

Improves health

I’m not a medical expert but found some research that talks about how dancing affects the reduction of cholesterol. Dancing aids in lipid control, which raises HDL ( good cholesterol) and lowers LDL ( bad cholesterol). Also found that is great prevention of osteoporosis for men and woman, improve cardiovascular endurance and lung capacity.

Mental benefits

Repeating steps and routines is a kind of mental exercise which improves our memory balance between brain hemispheres. Each class you learn new steps which might be a problem if you haven’t memorized steps of the previous classes, but it’s not an unusual thing. I also have that problem sometimes. It’s normal and you have to repeat many times the same steps from week to week to remember. In your spare time, you can take little practice at home. 😉 Dancing also increases self-esteem. People feel more comfortable with their bodies and body posture is much better outside of class too.
Dancing is a great cure for stress and depression. After a long day at work or school the best way to end your day is going to dance class. Thinking about steps and music you forget everyday worries. It’s such a stress relief activity.

Weight loss

When you start with learning basics steps it looks like you don’t put a lot of effort into it, but at the time classes become more demanding and physically exhausting. It affects all groups of muscles. A lot of weight changes is ideal for core training and conditioning. The hips moves allow the gluteus to achieve a phenomenal workout. Your arms will also receive a workout while you’re standing in a certain position with a partner. All these also increase circulation and helps us burn calories away. Depending on speed and intensity you can be burned from 5 to 10 calories per minute!

Better social life

This is the best way to improve your social life, especially for a bit introvert or shy persons like me. If you don’t want to attend the dance course because you have no partner with who to go, don’t worry! There are a lot of people without a partner there and you’ll find someone or you can dance with different people in every class. That’s even better! My dance teacher says that we know to dance if we’re capable to dance with everyone. 🙂 Over time you get to know people from your group. Dance school also organize parties on the weekend or during the week. People from all groups gather, spend time together and dance. I’ve been on several parties that my dance school organized and had a lot of fun. Wish that they organize them more often! Also, it’s nice that you can meet different people, by age, education, origin… Everybody is connected with the same interest, dance, which could help you to start a new friendship.

Spending quality time with the partner

From my own experience going on dance classes with a partner is very useful for your relationship. In this way, you learn more about a partner. In dance usually, the man leads and woman is released and follows his footsteps. In the beginning, I had a problem with that. Usually, I like to do things on my way but when it comes to dancing I had to get used that he decide about steps, rhythm, and pace. Some dances suit you more and the other to him so it takes a lot of understanding and patience if one of you learn slowly. All these improve your communication outside of class too. If you’re planning a wedding, this is a perfect place to practice the steps for your first dance. 😉
My partner is not a person who is too talented for dance. He plays football for years, so it’s sometimes difficult for him to have a sense for some things in dance, such as changes in legs, weight changes, smaller steps etc. He was persistent and after a while, we could see a big improvement. Also, he says dance improves his football skills through better body coordination. For both of us, it’s such a pleasure when we dance something we rehearsed well.

Hope that I have motivated and encouraged you for this type of recreation! Will you try it? What’s currently your favorite activity?

European trips: Guide for Novi Sad

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Six years ago I came to this city to university. Before that I visited Novi Sad once, but only for few hours. So coming here to university was my first real introduction to the city.

I’m a girl with bad feeling for orientation and first thing that I liked about the city was it’s simplicity. It’s easy to remember the main parts of the city and you can’t lose. Pretty soon I got used to the way of living in this city and now I’m planing my future here. So, I decided to write a story about it and what made me to stay in it. Hope that will motivate you to visit it some day.

Novi Sad is second biggest city in Serbia, after Belgrade of course (the capital). It’s also capital of Vojvodina, northern Autonomy Province of Serbia. Beautiful and mighty Danube river, Petrovaradin fortress, boulevards make this place gorgeous but at the same time simple. Also, I can say that Novi Sad is multinational and multicultural place where diversity is not a problem. Nice people, a lot of beautiful places to visit, delicious food, famous festivals are some of reasons for visiting this city. I’ll write more about it and make your stay easier.

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How to come in Novi Sad?

Novi Sad doesn’t have airport, but the closest one is in Belgrade (Nikola Tesla) and it’s only an hour from Novi Sad. Other ways of coming here are by bus, train or boat. Danube river connects western European countries to the Black sea.

Where to stay?

Hotels, hostels, apartments or some kind of private accommodation… There’s a wide choice and it only depends on the price you’re willing to pay. The cheapest way is to find some private accommodation as you can rent some room, apartment or house. Hotel prices are also acceptable, but of course, price depend on location and service. I’ll write you some famous hotels with best locations. For me the fanciest hotel in the city is hotel ‘Leopold’. It’s located on the fortress and offers a spectacular view on the city. It’s five star hotel and one of the most expensive hotels in the city also, but if you imagine mornings and breakfasts with this view… I think it’s worth it. So, if you’re not worried too much about money my recommendation is this hotel.

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Other hotels located in city center are Hotel Centar, Hotel Vojvodina, Hotel Veliki, Hotel Putnik. These are also good choices. You’ re located in center, you can take walk, shop or have cafe whenever you want, everything is near hotel.

Some advice if you’re located a little further you can go by bus or taxi.  Novi Sad has great bus service. You buy ticket from the bus driver. Ticket costs about half euro and it’s  for one ride, no matter how far you go. Taxis are not too expensive. You can always text your desired pick up address at +38169 5555 021 which will send the nearest car from any of the registered taxi companies. It is safest option, as there are also unregistered taxis, especially at main bus/train station that would cost you more than double.

What to visit?

1) City center

City center is the oldest part of the city. Freedom Square (Trg Slobode) with bronze statue of Svetozar Miletic at it’s center is place where are usually organized bigger events, concerts, different kinds of public meetings. On the west side of the square is City Hall and on the far side is beautiful cathedral from 19th century, St. Mary. Square is surrounded with buildings from 19th century also. Their architecture is influenced by the Austrian-Hungarian style.


wp-image-1219135113.Street Zmaj Jovina is one of the oldest streets in the city. It spreads from Freedom Square to Bishop’s Palace. This street is always full of people, especially in spring and summer, when the weather is nice. There are many cafes, restaurants, shops. People like to sit in the garden of these cafes and enjoy their coffee.

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At the end of this street begins Danube street. In this street is city library and more shops. To mention, in this street also you can find confection with best ice-cream in town- Stari Grad. It’s so delicious and can be compared with Italian ‘gelato’.

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Danube street continues with Danube park. Beautiful open area with small lake is the perfect place in summer period. Fresh air and lower temperature are great on hot summer days.

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One of the most important places for visiting in center is big Orthodox Church, St.George and it’s located near Bishop’s Palace.

2) Danube River
Along the Danube river is beautiful promenade and one of the oldest beaches on the complete Danube flow -Strand (German name for beach). Season begins in may and ends in September. Tickets to enter the Strand cost half Euro. In hot summer days, it’s always full of people. Fine sand, stands with delicious food, cafes are what make this place enjoyable. Also in this period of year are often organized daily and nightly beach parties. Some people swim in the Danube, but I’ve never so far. Honesty, I don’t like it and I think It’s too dirty for that. But if you decide to find refreshment in the river, showering immediately after that is necessary.




3) Petrovaradin fortress
For me this is the most gorgeous place in the city. This is one of the biggest fortresses in Europe. It was built in 19th century and represent cultural and historic monument. I love this place a lot! A walk to the fortress and enjoying in the spectacular view on the city is true pleasure. Fortress rises above the Danube river and it’s built with a lot of hidden passages in several levels which reminds on the labyrinth. Once in while are organized tours of these passages. After a tour you get a small medal of valor. I’ didn’t go yet, but when I decide to go, I’ll write you my experience from this touring. 😉
On the fortress are few restaurants. My favorite is ‘Terasa’. They have a nice menu, my recommendations are salad meals, but other courses from menu are fine too. blogns21
If you are looking for a souvenir, the best choice is a painting from some of the galleries-ateliers on the fortress. Paintings in this galleries are from the local artists and you can meet them there. They also have a very good selection of paintings with motives of this city. From this fortress you can see town Petrovaradin, part of the agglomeration of city. It’s also known as the “Gibraltar of the Danube”.


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Where to eat?

I’m a bit of gourmet and like to try new things when it comes to food. I’ve been to most restaurants in the city, so I’ll write you my recommendations. 😉
My favourite restaurant is definitely ‘Scarpetta’. I have been here so many times, that I feel like home. Menu is delicious and mostly Italian. My favourite things are fried olives and date palms from snacks, pasta of main meal and from dessert-cheesecake with chestnut (It’s best cheesecake I’ve ever eat)! Their wines are good quality too.
Second restaurant which I recommend is ‘Aqua doria’. Located next to the river, just below the fortress. Nice atmosphere in the garden and traditional Serbian food is maybe the best choice if you’re here for the first time. When I’m in the mood for fish menu that is always my first choice.

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In the city center restaurants also with nice food are Lanterna, Atina, Panceta.
Places with fast food you can find in Maksima Gorkog street. In this street is also for me best pizza in town and name of pizzeria is ‘Dottore per la pizza’.

Nightlife and events

People in Serbia like to make good parties, drink and have a lot of fun. Friday and Saturday are the days when city is the most live at night. Places popular for nightlife are clubs: Djava, Muzej, Giardino (but this is mostly in the winter ), some pubs in center: Irish pub, Absolut, Martha’s pub, Trcika… There is also street in center, Laze Teleckog, where younger people likes to go out. In summer are more popular parties in open place. Nice club, Giardino, has beautiful garden for this period. It’s located on the roof of one building in the center so it has a gorgeous view on the city too. Also here are often organized theme parties. In summer period are interesting few  rafts on ‘Ribarac’ (nice small peninsula near the Strand).
Reason that people from other counties come to Novi Sad in Summer period is the most famous festival in Serbia, but one of the most famous music festivals in Europe too – Exit! This festival last four days and it’s usually in July.  This year is from 7-10 July. The world famous singers and DJ’s come to perform here. It’s located on the fortress and there are many stages with different kind of music. This year will perform: The Prodigy, David Guetta, Ellie Goulding, Hurts, Wiz Khalifa, Lost Frequencies, Nina Kraviz, Sister Bliss and many more. Ticket for all four days cost around 100 Euro.
There are also more events in the coming period, but one of my favourite events is wine fair. It’s usually in June and it’s located on Freedom Square. I’m a wine lover so I visit this fair every year. It’s great opportunity to try wines from different part of our but neighboring countries too.

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If you decide to visit Novi Sad great fun at least is guaranteed. 😉




Hope that you like this post. If you want to know more about this city feel free to ask.