Budapest moments

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This was my second visit to Budapest. First time was few years ago. On my first visit I was trilled with this city, but it was winter and I was very cold several times during the sightseeing. So, I decided that my next visit to this gorgeous city will be in spring. 🙂 Budapest has a lot of beautiful places to visit and this time I visited some places that I missed on my first visit. I will write you about some places which I think are worth to visit if you’re coming here for the first time.

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I was accommodated at the Aquincum hotel. It’s nice five star hotel nestled between Danube river and Buda Hills. I can tell that I was pretty satisfied with this hotel. Rooms are nice, you have everything you need, except sleepers! Restaurant is great, choice of food is really big and everything is tasty. I have to mention that they have big and delicious selection of desserts. But my favourite part of this hotel and what left best impression on me was Aphrodite Spa. They have one regular pool (26 degrees), two thermal (one of 33 degrees and second of 38 degrees) and jacuzzi (38 degrees). Two saunas and rooms for massages. They also have a fitness center, but I didn’t try it, because all free time I wanted to use relaxing in these pools.

When you decide to start with sightseeing I would recommend first to visit Castle Hill. There are a lot of attractions to see there and you could spend all day on this place. I spent few hours and saw most famous places as Buda Castle, Beautiful Mathias Church from 11th century and for me the most gorgeous place on this Hill-Fisherman’s  Bastion. White towers (there are seven), a lot of stars and walking paths make this place like a fair tale. From these towers you can see beautiful panoramic view of Pest. Also, place where you can seat, enjoy for a while and snap great photos with this view is café in one of these towers. Near this location there are few museums which you can visit. For me very interesting was Marzipan Museum. There you can buy a big selection of marzipan in different shapes and flavors. If you like this sweet this is the place where you must stop by.











It was nice weather, so before we went to the city, a little bit more of walking a cobblestone, touring a buildings and at end of sightseeing Castle Hill we went for lunch in one cute restaurant ‘Red Devil’. Generally prices are higher then you can find in restaurants with the same food quality in the city, but you have to consider that location on the fortress is great.



The other part of the day you can use by visiting city center.
St. Stephen Basilica is first stop. This is the biggest church in Budapest. It’s Roman Catholic basilica named in honor of the first king of Hungary, Stephen. A big square in front of this church is always full off tourists. It also place for different events. On my first visit of Budapest I enjoyed here for New Years eve, but I visited this place again and this time took a lot of photos. To mention near this square are many shops, so you can take time for a quick shopping. 😉



Parliament of Budapest is the largest building in Hungary. It’s the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary. Lies on the bank of the Danube. This extraordinary construction was built in Neo-Gothic style 100 years ago. I was thrilled with this building, especially at night when is illuminated. It’ s magnificent sight.


Chain Bridge is near the Parliament. It is one of the bridges connecting two parts of the city, Buda and Pest. It looks so powerful and it’s more than 200 meter long with two statue of lions on the beginning. It’s interesting that these statue lions doesn’t have a tongue and there is a famous story about that mistake – when the architect of this bridge saw this he killed himself! For me this bridge looks even better at night as natural extension of the Caste Hill.



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Next thing you can do is enjoyable cruising on the Danube. This way you can enjoy the view of the Pest’s Danube panorama with dominant Parliament building. It’s not too expensive and it includes a lunch (have to mansion a wide choice of food and drinks) and two hours of cruising. I had a really nice time and I’ll definitely recommend this.

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On my first visit I had a lot of fun on this place so I decide to put it in this post as one of places you should visit when you’re in Budapest. It’ s ‘Tropicarium’, the biggest saltwater aquarium in Central Europe and it’s located within the Campona Shopping Center. There you can see hundreds of animals: exotic birds, monkeys, alligators, a lot of aquariums, sharks and many more. For me the most interesting was walking true rain forest near birds and monkeys and watching sharks true glass observation tunnel.


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Hungary is country with delicious food! Everything what I tried was super delicious. When you’re here you have to stop counting calories and enjoy! 🙂
I would like to mention two restaurants because they left very nice impression on me. The name of the first is raft ‘Spoon’. Beautiful interior of the restaurant and garden with the sight of Chain Bridge make this place enjoyable. And the second one is a small but cute restaurant located in the city center. It has interesting name- Hung(a)ry! I tried here a chicken paprikash. It’s traditional Hungarian dish and was delicious. Also, don’t forget to try their tradition dessert- Somloi Galuska. I tried this desserts on few places and wasn’t thrilled but in this restaurant is great.


Citadella fortress is must see Budapest attraction. It’s located upon the top of the Gellert Hill and it’s the highest point of downtown Budapest, so it offers a spectacular view on the city, both parts Buda and Pest, Buda Hills, bridges over Danube…The symbol of the fortress is statue with palm leaf facing the city (Liberty Statue).The Gellert Hill and its environs are also part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. You can come here by bus, car or foot. This time I was by car, but if you decide to walk maybe it can be a little bit exhausting, but worth it, at the end you will be treat with amazing panoramic view!





Last location in Budapest for this time was-Great Synagogue! It’s the largest synagogue in Europe. It’s also known as Dohany Street synagogue, named after the street. You can buy ticket at the entrance and they costs around 15 euro. With this ticket you can see a lot of it: amazing synagogue from the inside, Jewish Heroes Temple (memory on Jewish victims of the WWII), Raul Wallenberg Memorial Park, located in the backyard of the synagogue. In this park you can see interesting monument in shape of weeping willow. On each leaf is increased the name of deceased Jew during the Holocaust. Jewish museum is in the same building as synagogue. This is also worth to see, you can learn a lot about Jewish history, tradition and religion.









I enjoyed touring these locations, but I want to visit some more that I left for my next visit as: Margaret Island, which I think is perfect place for summer period, Budapest zoo and Central Market Hall.
I hope that you like this post and that will be useful if you’re planning to visit Budapest. If you already went there I would be glad to hear your experiences and some nice advice for places that I’m planning to visit next time. 😉

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